Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ngemelis Weekend Cont.

Honestly Labor Day weekend was 6 weeks ago and I've been so busy blogging has been put on the back burner, but I’m feeling a bit guilty so I thought I would write a little content instead of watching a movie tonight!

The day after the magical stars was spent jamming on the Uke and listening to Joey freestyle about the island. We had lunch and then a double rainbow graced us! On the beach is Dave with his suntanning umbrella and to the right is the cooking building.

We then hiked around the island’s perimeter to explore. There’s absolutely no swimming for SM’s even though we’re on an uninhabited island, so it made the trek so sticky and sweaty I fogged my sunglasses. 
In the rocky shallows on the other side of Ngemelis (in a tide pool like area) was a baby eel. Joey wanted to get an up close and personal video with the eel, but he scared it and the eel straight jumped out of the water. It made my skin crawl for a split second, yikes. We continued around until we got to the Ranger Station on top of the hill so you can overlook the whole little island. From what I can tell, no one ever uses it, but rather it is there to scare people into thinking someone is there watching over the island when they see the lights that are always left on.

From the Ranger Station

 Saturday night we went out spearfishing for the first time. Joe Andrew and I grabbed a gun and a light and swam like mad. We traded off the gun, flashlight, and uselessness in rotation, but in the end I took my one shot and got myself one Boxfish. (I've also been keeping track of my shots/fish ratio and so far I'm winning amongst the SM's! But they don’t like to hear about it:)) Boxfish are kinda different looking and taste a little tough. So when we got back later about 1 am and had a fish fry, I mostly stuck to the fish that the Palauans caught- Parrotfish and Snapper. Some people got a little bold and tried livers and eyeballs and the like, but I pretty much just ate the main fillet.

Honestly I don't know exactly when I took this picture, but it's one of my favorites from the weekend. These clouds were unreal that weekend and I took full advantage both days.

The storm was coming in so I moved my hammock under the covered area and slept like a rock until the morning came and I saw that I had made the right choice. Then it was time to clean up and pack out onto the boat that would take us to the next adventure.

Next we hit the diamond of Palau and one of the most unique places on the planet – Jellyfish Lake. In this freshwater lake, jellyfish have managed to lose their ability to sting making it possible for us to touch and swim with them. Handling jellyfish is so unique-I like it. Unfortunately, it’s so dense and they’re so fragile that everyone ends up kicking a few and splitting them into tiny little pieces. Fins and scuba gear is outlawed to help compensate for this, but even casual swimming is enough to set these little guys off. 

 I wouldn't be a real tourist if I didn't get my classic GP selfie!

This was a bucket list item I hope to repeat in the near future for sure!

Unfortunately my Gopro battery died shortly after this shot and the rest of the day went undocumented, But in short we went to famous dive spots like Blue Corner and Drop Off and snorkeled in the shallows above the cliffs feeding the fish our left over rice and bread from the weekend. We boated around between the little rock islands like a video game and stopped at Paradise Island and Cemetery. After it had all come to a close, we jumped in the bow of the boat with a tarp over us and headed back to Koror. The surf was picking up and the waves were becoming a little large even for our huge dive boat. The bow bounced up and down as we bounced side to side into each other and into the gunnels hoping the next wave wouldn't do as much damage to our spines as the last. Having broken my coccyx last winter I was having an even more exciting time and yet we were laughing the whole way because somehow someone else always seemed to be experiencing more pain than us! I think we looked a little ridiculous-5 people huddled under a tarp in the bow bouncing around and yelling at the jarring,  but we didn't really care because we had just seen some of the most beautiful parts of the world.


  1. Sounds awesome! Thanks for the update bro. I appreciate you skipping your movie so we could hear about what's going on in your life. The cloud shot was awesome! We could totally redecorate dad's office in tropical paradise photos just from what you've posted so far. It would be awesome.
    So I'm curious - why couldn't you SMs swim at all?

  2. Glad to see your still alive over there. :)
    Keep us posted, WW can get a little dull without the crazy journal entries.

  3. I wanna go swim with jellyfish! How cool! Love the stories, and pictures!