Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ice Bucket

After coming back from Dolphin Pacific, we had some ice left over from lunch that Palauan families brought us and having been nominated for the infamous Ice Bucket Challenge, destiny took its course. But a friendly wager of wits and pride came first to see who could leave their arm submerged the longest in the ice water.

It soon came down to Jazmin, Ramsey and I and to distract myself from the numb, I took some pictures.

Jazmin was next to go, Ramsey and I sat there looking at each other looking at our hands that could not longer move nor feel. We decided to call it a draw and save our limbs from frostbite.

ALS hits close to home for my family who lost my Uncle Jim 6 years ago. I know the Ice Bucket Challenge brought a lot of drama and criticism with it. Opposition said wasting water for a viral internet video was unreasonable when California was in a drought. I even saw a chart displaying the difference between deaths caused by a disease and money raised for said disease. Breast Cancer reigned number one and ALS took second for most money raised and lowest fatality rate, but this doesn't really bother me. Even for a pragmatist like myself, in the end, money was raised to help awareness of and research to eradicate or work towards an end to another disease and for that I think we can all take a second and be thankful for a viral internet video. Here's my contribution.

We filmed with one go pro and took pictures with the other. Since there isn't enough internet to support uploading video, this is the secondary angle. I nominated my new family of friends here in Palau to do the same in honor of my family back home and Uncle Jim. 


  1. rock!!!!! I miss you and live reading the posts.