Tuesday, April 29, 2014

All Official!

All of the preliminary process has finally come together! This morning I got my insurance card, pamphlets, and official letters of acceptance etc. This weekend is our Walla Walla University SM retreat. About 60-80 outgoing students will meet together and do team building activities and teaching workshops with returned SM's to get an intro before our General Conference training in August where we meet with every outgoing SM in the South Pacific/Micronesia regions.

So far I am the only student from Walla Walla going to Palau, but I have several friends going to other islands in the general vicinity (6 hour flight). In part this is really exciting because I will be far more immersed and will not have a "safety net" of familiar faces. On the other hand, I really hope I get along with all of these strangers as they will be my roommates, teaching colleagues, and adventuring friends for the next year.

Things are moving fast- midterms are this week which means there are only a measly five weeks between me and summer break. However I will only be home in Portland for 3 days to get my booster shots, cavities filled, and some sleep. After which I will be at BLYC for the next 6 weeks, back home for 3-4 days and off to Hawaii for GC Training for a few days and finally off to Palau for the next 10 months.

Fundraising appears to be going well. Because the donation process goes through a number of WWU departments, I don't see the actual numbers for about two weeks. I'll be sure to give an update in another week or so though. Until then it will be me and my managerial finance textbook :/ Thanks for keeping up with me!

Sunday, April 13, 2014


The paperwork process is nearly done! Although I accepted the job offer from the principal, I have not been officially approved by the SDA Conference and can't continue preparation until that passes through. Regardless, I'm still excited and already in the mindset for this summer and next year! Until then, I need to send out these fundraising letters!